Senior Health and Wellness Program

Take charge of your well-being.

A study by the MacArthur Foundation showed that 70% of physical aging, and approximately 50% of mental aging, is determined by the lifestyle choices people make every day. The Choices program at Lake Forest Place is designed to put the power for making those decisions into your hands. By nurturing seven dimensions of wellness, you give yourself every opportunity to improve your quality of life.

The Lake Forest College Lecture Series

Three times a year, professors come to our campus to lead a six-week course on a fascinating topic such as Shakespeare’s plays, 21st-century ethics, the Middle East, the history of Native Americans, the history of music in film, and more.

  • Social — Build relationships through casual social events, being part of the cinema group or play readers theater, or joining the camera club or poker club.
  • Physical — Strengthen your body with state-of-the-art fitness equipment and personal trainers, join the bicycle club, or take a healthy cooking class.
  • Intellectual — Feed your mind by taking a class, taking a daytrip, attending a lecture or TED talk, or participating in financial and current events discussion groups.
  • Spiritual — Find purpose and peace through your choice of traditional religious services, yoga, meditation, tai chi, and plenty of green space to connect you with nature.
  • Environmental — Learn how to take better care of the earth and keep Lake Forest Place a green community.
  • Emotional — Explore your creativity, express yourself, and develop resilience through support groups, pastoral care and more.
  • Community — Make your world a better place by sharing your gifts and expertise through volunteering or joining a resident committee. View a sample calendar to see what programs and events are waiting for you.
Sample Calendar

Sample Calendar

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If you have further questions about the Choices program, please use the form on this page to let us know.