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Our Top 4 Tips on Staying Healthy As You Age

a senior couple enjoying breakfast and cups of coffee

No matter your age, staying healthy is important and goes hand-in-hand with feeling your best. However, when you hit 60 and then 65+, it’s more important than ever to stay healthy to keep the immune system strong.

At The Moorings retirement campus in Arlington Heights, many of our residents have found the key to staying active and healthy. Here are a few tips that work for us:

Tip 1: Make Variety the Spice of Life.

For a healthy diet, your plate should look like a rainbow of colors – and even better, make it a new rainbow every day.

Choose leafy greens, whole grain brown rice, and lean chicken one day; make it a bright red apple, low-fat yellow cheese, and lean beef the next day. Also, choose foods high in Vitamin D (salmon, tuna, egg yokes, mushrooms) as that is an important mineral as we age.

For many older adults, it’s difficult to prepare a variety of foods for one or two servings. Or, you simply do not want to cook and clean up after anymore. That is one of the benefits of moving to a retirement community such as The Moorings, where dining options are provided every day.

We have professionally trained chefs and kitchen staff preparing everything from familiar down-home favorites to steak dinners. We offer a beautiful indoor dining room and have seasonal barbecues on an outdoor dining patio.


Learn more in our free Guide to The Moorings Dining Experience.
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Tip 2: Make It Easy to Stay Active.

We all know exercise has many benefits: it improves metabolism, boosts the immune system, releases feel-good endorphins, improves balance, and may prevent memory loss.

The part many struggle with is actually staying active — especially when outdoor conditions are cold and even snowy, such as we often see here at The Moorings in Chicago.

Here are a few tips that many of our residents practice to help them stay active all year long:

  • Exercise with a friend or a family member. Schedule days/times of the week when you meet for regular exercise or join a class together.
  • Do something you enjoy! Go for a walk (outdoors or indoors), swim, take a pilates class. If it something you look forward to, you are more likely to stick with it.
  • Make it convenient. Choose a place that is nearby. At The Moorings, we have a fitness center with pools, exercise equipment, and personal trainers all within our campus grounds. We also have two lakes with walking paths. It’s much easier to stay active when it’s right outside your front door!
  • a fitness center inside of a senior living community
  • an indoor swimming pool at a senior living community


Tip 3: Engage the Brain.

Exercising the brain is just as important as exercising your body. This is especially true after we retire and no longer have a career that keeps our brain engaged.

Take time to schedule events that feed your creativity and challenge your mind. Here in Chicago, we have a wealth of lifelong learning opportunities that surround us. There are historical and art museums, a thriving music scene, and several universities with courses open to retired individuals.

Many of our residents at The Moorings enjoy taking classes offered right here on our campus or at the nearby University of Illinois.

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Tip 4: Laugh – A Lot!

As we age, we learn that we have to adjust ourselves simply due to life changing continually. Our bodies change. Our daily routine changes. We face losses of friends, family and loved ones.

For healthy aging, don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself as you face these changes. Find new things to learn and new activities to join. Stay connected to the community and your loved ones. Engage in social activities regularly. And most importantly, laugh – a lot. Having a sense of humor can be the best medicine around.

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