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Helping a Parent Decide When To Move to Senior Living

Senior woman sitting on a sofa with her adult daughter discussing senior living

Is your parent or loved one considering a move to a senior living community? No matter their circumstances, the decision to move is undoubtedly  highly personal.

We know how emotional this period can be for older adults and their family members. We’re here to help. In this blog, we’ll explore:

  • When it’s the right time to move to senior living or assisted living
  • The benefits of retirement communities
  • How communities offering assisted living can benefit your loved one
  • The signs it might be time to make the move
  • How to initiate the conversation
  • Tips for talking with a parent about assisted living communities

Benefits of Senior Living

Many parents decide to move because of the many benefits of a senior living community. Moving can have many benefits, whether they are active and independent or need some assistance with activities.

Freedom From Home Maintenance and Housekeeping

From repairs to housekeeping to yardwork, the burden of maintaining a house can become physically challenging. Senior living offers a maintenance-free lifestyle, allowing residents to simply enjoy life.

Three senior women reading books in the library at The Moorings of Arlington Heights

Social Interaction and Engaging Programming

Isolation can lead to various health issues. Senior living offers a ready-made social circle, encouraging connections with neighbors and friends through various activities and events.

Opportunities for Lifelong Learning

Many senior living communities offer educational programs and workshops to keep residents mentally fulfilled and engaged. These may include lectures, art classes, book clubs, and more.

Dedicated Healthcare

Senior living offers on-site medical staff and emergency response systems, providing residents with a sense of security. Assisted living facilities go a step further, offering support with activities of daily living, such as medication management, and personalized care plans.

Trainer working with a resident in the Fitness Center at The Moorings of Arlington Heights

Wellness Programs and Fitness Facilities

Senior living communities often have wellness centers with fitness equipment and organized exercise classes. These programs cater to different fitness levels, promoting regular physical activity to maintain strength, flexibility, and overall health.

Culinary Variety and Nutritious Meals

Nutritious meals are prepared by professional chefs, accommodating various dietary needs. This not only ensures a well-balanced diet but also provides an opportunity for social interaction.

Signs It’s Time To Move to Assisted Living

Knowing when it’s time to move to an assisted living facility for senior care can be difficult. If you’re unsure  if it’s time to move your parent, or if you just want to make sure you’re making the right move, we can help. Check out the signs it’s time to move to help simplify your decision.

Changes in Health

If your parent requires more assistance with activities of daily living, it may be time to consider assisted living. Look for signs of mobility issues, forgetfulness, or difficulty managing medications.

Social Withdrawal

Isolation and withdrawal from social activities can indicate a decline in mental health. Assisted living can help if your parent seems lonely or uninterested in activities they used to enjoy. It provides a more social environment that may help them.

Safety Concerns

Frequent accidents or an unsafe home environment may necessitate a move. Assisted living is designed with safety in mind, reducing the risk of falls and other accidents.

Difficulty Managing Finances

If your parent has trouble with bills, assisted living can combine expenses into one monthly payment.

Group of residents enjoying a meal in the dining room at The Moorings of Arlington Heights

Poor Nutrition and Weight Loss

If your parent’s weight is decreasing or they are losing interest in making healthy meals, it could mean they are struggling with:

  • Buying groceries
  • Cooking
  • Maintaining a well-rounded diet

Assisted living communities offer well-balanced meals and support, addressing these concerns.

Problems With Personal Hygiene

If your parent is not taking care of themselves, they may need assistance with daily tasks. Assisted living communities can provide this.

Unkempt Home Environment

A once well-maintained home becoming increasingly cluttered or disorganized may suggest difficulty  keeping up with household chores. Assisted living relieves residents of the burden of housekeeping.

Difficulty Remembering Medications

Forgetting medications or taking incorrect dosages can have serious consequences for seniors. Assisted living provides medication management, ensuring residents are safely taking medications.

Increased Dependence on Family

If your parent needs help from family members for daily tasks and activities at home, they may need care. Assisted living can help.

How To Begin the Discussion of Moving Your Parent

Initiating a conversation about senior living can be delicate. Here are some steps to consider.

  • Start the conversation early so your parent has time to process the idea gradually.
  • Find a quiet, relaxed time to bring up the topic.
  • Choose a setting where everyone can sit comfortably and talk without distractions.
  • Emphasize how moving to senior living early can enhance their independence and overall quality of life.
  • Highlight all the benefits they may enjoy.
  • Acknowledge your parent’s feelings and concerns, and express your love and support.
  • Highlight the positive aspects of senior living, emphasizing the enhanced quality of life, social opportunities, and access to healthcare.
  • Take the time to tour assisted living communities together.
  • Allow your parent to be an dynamic participant in the decision-making process.

Discover The Moorings of Arlington Heights

Making the move to senior living is a big decision for seniors and their families. We’re here to help you and your parent navigate the process. At The Moorings of Arlington Heights, we provide independent living, assisted living, memory care, and more to meet your or a parent’s needs. If your parent doesn’t yet need care, they can rest assured it will be available if or when it’s needed, all in an engaging environment.

Each day, our residents enjoy a range of lifelong learning programs, social events, engaging programming and a full calendar of activities. They also enjoy a carefree lifestyle, with freedom from home maintenance, housekeeping and yardwork.

They never need to think about cooking, unless they want to! Our team will carefully craft delicious and nutritious meals tailored to their individual needs and preferences, making each dining experience a true delight.

If you’d like to learn more, call our Senior Residency Counselor at 847-641-2421 to schedule a tour and learn more about The Moorings of Arlington Heights.