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How Assisted Living Can Help you Manage Your Diabetes

Senior woman having blood glucose measured by nurse

According to the American Diabetes Association, one in four people over the age of 60 has diabetes. In type 1 diabetes, which can happen at any age, the body doesn’t produce insulin. In type 2 diabetes, the body develops an intolerance to insulin over time. Both these conditions   can be managed with the proper treatments and lifestyle changes, but they involve a complex combination of tasks that can become more challenging with age.

How an assisted living community can help manage diabetes.

There are many components that factor into effective diabetes care. These may include oral medication or insulin injections, blood glucose tracking, dietary restrictions, daily physical activity, and other special medical care. When these tasks are maintained, someone with diabetes can manage their condition and live a long, healthy life.

With age, it’s increasingly important for someone with diabetes to be vigilant about their care. They also need to prevent infections and illness, adjust their lifestyle to match health changes, and maximize overall wellness. However, staying on top of all this can become difficult for older adults, especially if they’re living alone. Assisted living diabetes management teams can provide the support these seniors need, so they can continue to live as independently as possible. Here are five ways these communities can meet your needs or those of r a loved one with diabetes:

Customized plans

The diabetic care team in an assisted living community will evaluate an incoming resident’s type of diabetes, their current state of health, and how much care is needed. They’ll customize a diabetes care plan that may combine help with activities of daily living such as bathing and ambulation with specialized or more intensive care. As a person’s needs evolve, the plan changes accordingly.

Highly trained staff

Most assisted living communities have staff trained in managing diabetes in older adults. This is especially reassuring for family members with loved ones living with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, and who worry their loved one isn’t tracking their blood sugar or taking medications correctly. The diabetic nurses, medical technicians,or other caregivers in assisted living can assist with testing and stabilizing blood sugar, give insulin, and report and monitor health changes.

Healthy meals

Diabetic diets aren’t complicated, but they do take time and planning some seniors may find difficult. It can also be a challenge to change eating habits later in life. Assisted living with diabetic care offers well-balanced meals specifically designed for diabetic residents. Prepared by culinary teams, these diabetic options are both healthy and tasty.  An assisted living community may also offer the support of a dietician or nutritionist, helping seniors with resources and guidance on maintaining the best diet for their condition.

Physical fitness

As part of managing blood sugar levels, seniors with diabetes need daily physical activity. This is easier to achieve in assisted living with amenities such as a fitness center or walking paths, as well as programs that emphasize an active lifestyle. Most assisted living communities offer group exercise classes and a director or coach who tailors fitness programs such as strength training or mobility for the individual. 

Specialized care

Assisted living for diabetic seniors should offer specialized medical care to prevent and treat conditions such as foot ulcers, kidney disease, or loss of vision. Diabetic seniors are more prone to these complications due to their age and other health issues. The community should be able to provide care tailored to the senior’s specific needs as well as personalized attention from medical clinicians.

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