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What Our Residents Love About Westminster Place

Happy senior couple walking outdoors at Westminster Place

Welcome to Westminster Place, where vibrant living meets exceptional care. Our senior living community in Evanston, Illinois, is more than just a place to reside – it’s a haven where residents can thrive, explore, and embrace every moment to the fullest.

Join us as we delve into what residents love most about Westminster Place and how they all lead engaging lives filled with purpose and joy.

Two senior women playing pickleball ay Westminster Place

Amenities and Wellness Created for You

Imagine a life where the hassles of chores and maintenance are a thing of the past – where your days are filled with pursuits that ignite your passions and nourish your soul. At Westminster Place, we believe in eliminating the nonessentials so that residents have the freedom to pursue what truly brings them happiness.

Resident Robert Maxman said, “I think the breadth of things to do surprised me. How many lectures you can go to, how many musical events in an afternoon, and the improvisation. The ‘improv,’ is the most delightful hour of the week. We just laugh and laugh and have a great time.”

Senior Living Luxuries

Our diverse amenities cater to every interest and whim, ensuring endless opportunities for engagement and inspiration.

  • Versatile Dining Venues
  • Exclusive Private Dining Rooms
  • The Kimble Fitness and Therapeutic Center
  • Arts and Crafts Studio
  • Fully Equipped Woodworking Shop
  • Tranquil Library and Reading Room
  • Interdenominational Services at Elliott Chapel
  • Year-Round Greenhouse Oasis
  • Convenience Store for Daily Essentials
  • Tech-Savvy Computer Center
  • Indulgent Beauty Salon and Barbershop
  • Sprawling 40-Acre Campus With Scenic Walking Paths and Serene Gardens

Resident Jan Martin said, “I like the grounds – I like the gardens, I like the fountains because I spend a lot of time outside. That was important to me, to be in the city, yet have a nice safe environment where you can do those things you like to do.”

“Not only are the residents welcoming – very welcoming –they make it a point to reach out and welcome new people in the building –but the staff members are very friendly. They get to know the residents quickly. They learn your name and say ‘hi.’ That part of it is comforting when you move,” said resident Webb Martin.

At Westminster Place, we offer opportunities for residents to focus on their wellness. Our Choices program is designed to support your holistic well-being. From social events to physical activities, spiritual practices, and community involvement, we offer a range of opportunities to nurture your body, mind, and spirit.

Betsy Maxman, another resident at Westminster Place said, “The [fitness classes] here [are] wonderful. There [are] so many classes. There’s private training; there’s swimming. My life is over there.”

Our community is dedicated to enriching residents’ lives with unparalleled services and amenities that empower them to live life to the fullest. From seamless living to a vibrant array of activities, Westminster Place isn’t just a home – it’s a community where dreams flourish, passions ignite, and lasting memories are created.

Group of residents dining at Westminster Place

Dining Experiences at Westminster Place

Dining at Westminster Place transcends mere sustenance – it’s an invitation to savor the extraordinary. Nestled in the heart of Evanston, Illinois, our culinary team is dedicated to creating unforgettable dining experiences that delight the senses and nourish the soul.

1. Culinary Creativity

At Westminster Place, our culinary team turns dining into an art form. Each dish is a masterpiece, crafted with locally sourced ingredients and made-from-scratch delights to tantalize the taste buds and create memorable moments.

2. Memorable Moments

Every dining experience at Westminster Place is an opportunity to create cherished memories. Whether in our elegant main dining room, cozy pub, or intimate private dining rooms, residents come together to enjoy exceptional cuisine and companionship.

“The feel is not unlike that of a private club. It’s good service, good menus,” said Webb Martin.

Judy Karlov, another resident, commented on the social atmosphere of mealtimes. “Most people, even if they’ve been here for ten years, would prefer to move around and get to talk to people. That’s wonderful for a newbie. I don’t have to meet three people and be finished. I can meet three people tonight, and three people tomorrow. And pretty soon, I know most of the people,” she said.

3. Themed Dinners and Celebrations 

Our culinary calendar is filled with celebrations, from themed dinners to holiday feasts. Residents enjoy extraordinary culinary delights, including Chef’s Reserve Dinners and Chef’s Table events, where they can savor favorite dishes and share stories.

4. Variety and Choice

With diverse venues and dining options, residents have the freedom to choose their dining experience. Whether enjoying breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there’s always something delicious to satisfy every palate at Westminster Place.

In the heart of Evanston, Westminster Place offers more than just exceptional dining – we offer a way of life worth savoring. Join us at the table, where every meal is a wonderful experience, and every bite is infused with warmth, creativity, and hospitality.

There’s So Much To Love About Westminster Place

Westminster Place is a passionate, friendly community that welcomes all residents with open arms.

“We’ve had more friends here than we’ve had [in] any place we’ve lived,” Betsy Maxman said

Our residents know that there’s so much to enjoy at Westminster Place. Call us today at 847-558-7747 to schedule a visit so you can see our community and all it has to offer for yourself.