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Lock and Leave: Embracing the Senior Living Lifestyle

Retirement should be about the freedom to do more of what you love with less worry – and at Presbyterian Homes Westminster Place – this is most definitely the case.

Many independent living residents in our Life Plan Community (also known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community or CCRC), look forward to days filled with endless possibilities to do whatever they please.

This means taking part in a variety of fun activities and taking advantage of convenient amenities within our senior living community. It also means venturing outside of our community for field trips, errands, and even vacations.

When residents do choose to leave their low-maintenance one-bedroom apartments and patio homes for the day or an extended period of time, they won’t have to worry about security or other home maintenance issues. It’s what we call a “lock and leave” lifestyle, and seniors are embracing it to the fullest.

Learn more about this lifestyle and how easy it is to live at Westminster Place, below.

What is a “lock and leave” lifestyle?

A “lock and leave” lifestyle refers to a living arrangement or housing situation that allows older individuals to easily secure their residence and leave without worrying about maintenance or security issues. This lifestyle is often associated with retirement communities, gated communities, or complexes that provide services and amenities to support a hassle-free lifestyle for seniors.

Key features of a “lock and leave” lifestyle for seniors include:

A heightened sense of security

The residence is designed with security features such as secure gated entrance systems, surveillance cameras, and possibly on-site security personnel. This allows seniors to feel confident about leaving their homes unattended.

Maintenance-free living

The senior living community team, property management, or homeowners association takes care of maintenance tasks, including lawn care, exterior repairs, and other common area upkeep. This relieves seniors of the responsibility to complete these tasks, or ask a family member or friend to complete these tasks while they’re away.

Community services

Some “lock and leave” communities offer additional services such as housekeeping, laundry, and meal preparation. This allows seniors to focus on enjoying their retirement rather than spending time on household chores. At Westminster Place, we provide many of these convenient services and amenities.

Travel convenience

The “lock and leave” concept implies that seniors can easily lock up their residences and leave for extended periods without worrying about the security or maintenance of their homes. This is particularly appealing to those who enjoy traveling or spending their free time away from home.

“Lock and leave” technology solutions

Various technologies contribute to creating a convenient and secure “lock and leave” lifestyle for seniors. Here are some popular technologies that are commonly used:

1. Smart locks

Smart locks allow residents to control access to their homes remotely. They can lock or unlock doors using a smartphone app, keypad, or even voice commands. Some smart locks also offer features like temporary access codes for visitors. The New York Times recommends these four best smart locks.

2. Home security systems

Modern home security systems include features like video surveillance, motion sensors, and door/window sensors. These systems can be monitored and controlled remotely through mobile apps, providing real-time updates on the security status of the home. Seniorliving.org shares their top recommendations for home security systems.

3. Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats enable users to control the temperature of their homes remotely. This can be beneficial for adjusting the climate before returning home from a trip.

4. Smart lighting

Smart lighting systems allow users to control lights remotely. This can be useful for creating the appearance of an occupied home even when residents are away, enhancing security.

5. Smart appliances

Appliances such as smart ovens, refrigerators, and washing machines can be monitored and controlled remotely. This adds convenience and peace of mind for seniors who may want to check on or adjust their appliances while away.

6. Video doorbells

Video doorbells have cameras that provide a live video feed of the front door. This lets residents see who is at the door and communicate remotely with visitors, enhancing security.

7. Voice-activated assistants

Voice-activated devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home can be used to control various smart home devices through voice commands, making it easier for seniors to interact with technology.

8. Smart blinds and curtains

Automated window treatments can be controlled remotely, allowing residents to adjust the blinds or curtains to create the appearance of an occupied home.

When implemented thoughtfully, these technologies can contribute to a more secure, convenient, and comfortable “lock and leave” lifestyle for seniors, providing them with the freedom to travel or spend time away from home with peace of mind.

Find your “lock and leave” lifestyle at Westminster Place.

Are you ready for a lifestyle centered around you doing what you want when you want? Presbyterian Homes Westminster place is the perfect community for accommodating seniors with a robust lifestyle. We offer a dynamic lifestyle for older adults to lead engaging and vibrant lives. To learn more about our community and to schedule a personal tour, give us a call today.