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Foreign Policy Takes Center Stage at at Westminster Place


At Westminster Place senior living community, residents are taking a deep dive into global affairs. The spirit of learning and curiosity flourishes throughout the year at this vibrant community, thanks to the Great Decisions Foreign Policy Association, a resident-run group.

A Community Engaged in Global Dialogue

Paul Lindman, the group’s enthusiastic leader, has been at the helm of the Great Decisions group for several years, guiding its members through the complexities of international relations with grace and insight. Under his stewardship, the group has blossomed into an essential forum for discussion, attracting 30-45 residents each month eager to dissect and debate the eight significant topics outlined by the Great Decisions program.

“Our meetings are more than just discussions; they are a gateway to understanding the intricacies of the world beyond our doors,” Lindman explains. “Each session is an opportunity to challenge our views, expand our knowledge, and appreciate the diverse perspectives of our peers.”

The Importance of Social Engagement in Senior Living

Research consistently highlights the vital role social interaction plays in promoting healthy aging. It’s not just about staying physically active; engaging in stimulating conversations and intellectual pursuits is equally important. The Great Decisions group at Westminster Place embodies this philosophy, offering a safe space where residents can connect, learn and grow together.

Participants in the group describe the sessions as lively and thought-provoking, where every opinion is valued and every question leads to deeper understanding. “It’s not just about foreign policy,” one member remarked. “It’s about understanding our place in the world and how we, as individuals, can contribute to a global dialogue.”

A Testament to Lifelong Learning

The success of the Great Decisions group speaks to the dynamic community spirit at Westminster Place. Here, learning is a continual journey, not confined to the young or to academic settings. Paul Lindman’s reflection on the group’s popularity and impact speaks volumes about the community’s ethos: “This group exemplifies the vibrant, engaged lifestyle that Westminster Place offers. It’s a place where curiosity is nurtured and global awareness is embraced.”

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the residents of Westminster Place stand as shining examples of the value of lifelong learning and the importance of staying engaged with global issues. Through their participation in the Great Decisions group, they not only enrich their own lives but also contribute to a broader understanding and appreciation of foreign policy.

In a world that often prioritizes youth and newness, the residents of Westminster Place remind us of the wisdom, insight and value that senior members of society bring to the global conversation. Their commitment to education, dialogue and understanding is a powerful model for all ages, proving that learning and growth know no age limit.

Global conversations, neighborly relationships

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