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Club 1904: The VIP Plan for Your Future at Lake Forest Place

Retirement is a time for adventure, not anxiety. With Club 1904, our priority waitlist program, you’ll design your ideal future on your terms. Secure your dream residence, enjoy a host of amazing benefits, and experience the peace of mind that comes with a solid, personalized plan. From priority healthcare to a vibrant social calendar, Club 1904 delivers countless perks. Let’s explore six of the top benefits and discover how this program enhances your life before you even move in.

  1. 1. The Opportunity to Choose Your Floor Plan

Finding the ideal floor plan lays the groundwork for a lifestyle that’s as unique and fulfilling as you are. More than square footage, it’s about creating a sanctuary that reflects your personality, preferences, and vision for this exciting new chapter.

Functionality for Effortless Living

Your chosen floor plan should seamlessly support your day-to-day life. Spacious layouts for hobbies, dedicated workspaces for continued passions, and thoughtful accessibility features all contribute to comfort and well-being.

Hosting with Warmth and Ease

Love entertaining? A floor plan with ample room to receive guests means delightful gatherings filled with laughter and connection. As a Club 1904 member, you’ll have priority access to the residence that ensures everyone feels welcome.

A Canvas for Your Personal Touch

Your future residence is a waiting canvas, ready to be filled with your cherished belongings, individual style, and the warmth of home. Club 1904 grants you the power to transform your living space into a true reflection of your life.

  1. 2. Priority Healthcare Access

Lake Forest Place prioritizes your health and well-being throughout retirement. Should an unexpected injury or illness require rehabilitation, your membership grants priority access to our senior rehabilitation center. This means a faster start to your recovery journey and the best possible chance for optimal outcomes.

Prevention and Proactive Care

Alongside swift rehabilitation, safeguarding your health means staying proactive. That’s why Club 1904 offers convenient, on-site access to essential vaccinations, including flu and COVID-19. These preventative measures can minimize your risk of illness and support your continued vitality.

Peace of Mind

With Club 1904, you’ll enjoy both the comfort of knowing you have a plan in place should needs arise and the power to proactively protect your health year-round while you wait for your dream residence. This comprehensive approach fosters peace of mind and allows you to focus on living your life to the fullest.

  1. 3. Relocation Assistance

Lake Forest Place understands that moving isn’t just about logistics, it’s about transitioning to an incredible new lifestyle in senior living. Our dedicated relocation services are here to make that transition as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Expert Guidance for Every Step

From finding trusted movers to coordinating the downsizing of belongings, our relocation experts streamline the process with personalized care and attention to detail. We offer a compassionate hand, allowing you to focus on the excitement of your new home.

Informed Real Estate Decisions

Our real estate market analysis provides clarity and empowers you as you navigate the sale of your current property. This valuable information grants you confidence in making the choices that align best with your goals.

Mindful Support for a Smooth Move

Our team understands the emotional weight that often comes with moving. We’re here to offer practical expertise and compassionate reassurance, ensuring your comfort throughout the relocation process.

  1. 4. Our Social Scene

At Lake Forest Place, we believe life is richer when shared. That’s why our focus on social connection ensures you’ll find a welcoming environment, not just from the moment you join Club 1904 but throughout your retirement.

Laying the Foundation for Lasting Bonds

Club 1904 features engaging social events and activities designed to spark genuine friendships and build a supportive network that warmly welcomes you before you become a resident. This means you’ll experience the joy of heartwarming faces welcoming you home like part of a family when your residence is available.

Community as Comfort

Feeling connected isn’t just about having fun; it’s about knowing you’re surrounded by people who care. This sense of community provides a comforting backdrop, making your new chapter feel warm, inviting, and full of possibilities. As you share laughter, discoveries, and special moments, a profound sense of purpose and belonging will blossom.

  1. 5. The Dining Experience

With Club 1904, savoring the community’s culinary creations allows you to try delicious food that satisfies any craving. Your complimentary meals offer a delightful preview of what awaits in your new home.

Discover Your Perfect Dish

Explore diverse dining venues, sample exquisite dishes, and assess the overall atmosphere to ensure it matches your tastes. By experiencing our dining options firsthand, your transition becomes even smoother. You’ll arrive knowing the menus, the welcoming faces, and the perfect spot to enjoy your favorite dish.

A Warm Welcome at the Table

Share your complimentary meals with a friendly Community Ambassador or fellow residents.  Conversations flow naturally, friendships blossom, and you gain a true sense of the vibrant community spirit.

  1. 6. Wellness and Self-Care

Our community understands the importance of living well. With Club 1904, you’ll have the opportunity to get a head start on improving your wellness with access to our fitness center, wellness classes, library, and salon.

Physical Vitality, Personalized For You

Our fitness center and enriching wellness classes empower you to maintain strength, flexibility, and a healthy balance throughout your retirement years. Discover exercise options that feel both joyful and rewarding, fostering a commitment to lifelong movement.

Self-Care and Connection

The salon and our well-stocked library aren’t just about convenience—they’re investments in your well-being. Take the day to indulge in self-care at the salon or escape into new worlds and ideas to keep your mind sharp and engaged.

A Holistic Haven

As a member of Club 1904, you’ll be part of an empowering community where residents encourage each other to thrive. Whether you’re seeking physical activity, mental stimulation, or simple moments of rejuvenation, you’ll find the resources and support to enhance your well-being.

Your Dream Retirement Is Within Reach at Lake Forest Place

From priority healthcare to a vibrant social calendar, Club 1904 is your gateway to the retirement lifestyle you’ve always imagined. Are you ready to experience our dynamic community for yourself? Contact us online or call 847-423-6679 to schedule a visit and discover why so many people call Lake Forest Place home.