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Connecting Generations: Seniors and Elementary School Students Join Together for “Spread the Kindness” Event

Old woman reading to granddaughters

When moving to a retirement community, many seniors find they are surrounded by more activities than they have time for in a day. That’s certainly true at The Moorings of Arlington Heights, where recently activities with a focus on kindness were front and center.

From the creation of a “Kindness Tree” where residents could share their small acts of kindness to fun collaboration activities such as bingo, therapeutic coloring, and virtual programs on the subject of kindness, there has been so much for residents to enjoy. 

kindness tree event at senior living community


The biggest highlight was when The Moorings hosted 70 elementary schoolchildren from the second, fourth, and sixth grades for their first intergenerational Spread the Kindness event.

Residents Gwen McNamara and Sharon Faciana, members of The Moorings “On The Bright Side” discussion group, led the students through a program that included readings from both residents and students, discussion questions centered around the topic of kindness, and the chance to color bookmarks with positive quotes while visiting. All ages enjoyed this chance to connect and spread kindness.

Gwen leading children coloring bookmarks


At the end of the day, Willow Bend Elementary School presented the community with beautiful flowers, and all the students gave handmade valentines that were distributed throughout the community. The day was such a success it was decided that Spread the Kindness Day will be an annual event.

At The Moorings, seniors are surrounded by meaningful programs and activities. Learn more about the community where kindness and connectedness are on display year-round.