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The Moorings of Arlington Heights Shines With 2023 ICAA NuStep Beacon Award for ‘Best in Wellness’

NuStep Beacon Award

In a remarkable stride toward excellence, The Moorings of Arlington Heights has earned the esteemed 2023 ICAA NuStep Beacon Award. This recognition propels the community into the distinguished ranks of the Top 25 “Best in Wellness” Senior Living Communities in North America. 

“We’re incredibly proud to have received this award,” says Lisa Vandermark, Executive Director at The Moorings of Arlington Heights. “Our community always strives to go above and beyond for our residents, and it’s an honor to receive this recognition.”

The ICAA NuStep Beacon Award underscores the community’s unwavering commitment to fostering a wellness-centered environment for both residents and staff. Let’s review what this award means and how The Moorings of Arlington Heights has distinguished itself as a top senior living community.

Unveiling the Prestigious ICAA NuStep Beacon Award

This accolade, a joint venture between the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) and NuStep, LLC, stands as a symbol of excellence in the active aging industry.

The collaboration between these two trailblazing organizations highlights the commitment to recognizing and celebrating senior living communities that prioritize wellness.

Evolution of Wellness in Senior Living Communities

Colin Milner, the visionary CEO and founder of the ICAA, sheds light on the evolving role of wellness in senior living communities. He emphasizes that wellness has transformed from being a mere programming option to becoming a fundamental way of life.

A revealing 2023 ICAA survey further illustrates that 61% of senior living communities are gearing up to adopt a wellness-centered business model with care services within the next five years.

The Moorings of Arlington Heights: Pioneers in Wellness

The Moorings of Arlington Heights has forged meaningful partnerships with residents and staff. Together, we’ve created impactful opportunities that inspire individuals to enhance their quality of life.

The awarded recognition acknowledges that true wellness is rooted in understanding, acceptance, and action upon our capacity to lead a purpose-filled and engaged life.

The community believes in empowering individuals across various dimensions – physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, environmental, and vocational – to pursue and optimize life’s possibilities.

In a landscape where the older adult population is growing, the choice of a living environment gains paramount importance. The Moorings of Arlington Heights proudly stands as a beacon, illuminating the path with its comprehensive wellness culture.

A Commitment to Exceptional Living

This accolade not only reflects The Moorings of Arlington Heights’ dedication to providing an exceptional living experience but also reinforces its commitment to setting the standard for senior living communities across North America.

As the demand for wellness-focused senior living options rises, The Moorings remains steadfast in our mission to pioneer a culture that enhances the overall well-being of our residents. The community stands tall, setting a benchmark for excellence in the realm of senior living. To learn more about our community, call us at 847-641-2421 to schedule a tour.s