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Downsizing to a Two-Bedroom Apartment | Lake Forest Place

senior couple packing things in boxes to move

Value of Downsizing to a Two-Bedroom Senior Living Apartment

Like many older adults, are your future plans already set, or is an independent living community still something you’re thinking about? Whether you’re ready to make a move now or are in planning mode, it’s essential to know that a move like this often requires seniors to downsize. This can sometimes have a negative connotation. However, for some senior living communities, like Lake Forest Place, downsizing should indeed be considered “rightsizing.”

Instead of living in a large home, many seniors are rightsizing to two-bedroom apartments in Life Plan Communities. Previously known as Continuing Care Retirement Communities, a move like this doesn’t just enhance their lifestyles but downsizes their worries while upsizing their peace of mind.

Why should you or a loved one consider downsizing to move to senior living? It all has to do with value.

Delving Into The Value of Downsizing to a Two-Bedroom Apartment

Enjoy a More Carefree Lifestyle
One of the best parts of moving to a two-bedroom apartment is the ability to enjoy your space entirely. Without needing to think about housekeeping, home maintenance, yard work or upkeep, you can enjoy your lifestyle.

At Lake Forest Place, this is undoubtedly the case. After moving in, our residents say goodbye to the burdens of homeownership. Then, we take the duties upon ourselves. With weekly housekeeping, security, services and amenities, and more, you’ll be able to focus on living and enjoying each day.

Upsize Your Everyday Life
Retirement living communities offer many things to do, whether on campus or off! All you need to do is step outside the privacy of your two-bedroom apartment.

Enjoy a variety of activities, clubs, social events and programs. Travel and explore our local area. No matter which you choose, you can close your door with the peace of mind that it’s secure and ready for whenever you return, making vacations and time away even sweeter.

Enjoy Beautiful Spaces
If you prefer to stay in, you can enjoy the new home you’ve created at Lake Forest Place. There’s so much to love with gourmet eat-in kitchens, large bedrooms with walk-in closets, a master bathroom with a walk-in shower, and more. Spend time decorating, sit back and relax, or read the new bestseller you’ve been eyeing.

Our floor plans are spacious and open while offering the perfect space to entertain, host friends and family, enjoy a fun date night, serve as your book club headquarters and become the ideal theater for rainy day movies.

Have Access to Care for Life
Some communities, like Lake Forest Place, are Life Plan Communities. This means they offer a continuum of senior care options on site. Lake Forest Place provides independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, rehabilitation and respite care.

This brings peace of mind knowing that you’ll never need to leave the community you love, regardless of care needs. In other words, no more moving from the home you’ve chosen for yourself and made your own, unless you want to. This often inspires seniors to begin their downsizing journey.

5 Downsizing Tips To Make Moving Easier

Though it’s overwhelming to begin downsizing, there are several ways to make a smoother move. Try these:

  1. 1. Ask for help from family and friends. Aside from speeding up the process, the support and company of family members and friends can help make the days much more fun.
  2. 2. Tackle one room at a time. Downsizing too many spaces can quickly become overwhelming. Begin with smaller spaces like closets and drawers, then take on extensive areas like the living room.
  3. 3. Decide what stays and what goes. This is often one of the most complex parts. Many find they need to overcome emotional attachments to pieces, find new ways to store their sentimental items, or get rid of items they don’t need or use. This is where a yard sale can be handy!
  4. 4. Plan for your floor plan. When moving into your community, you don’t want to take too much or too little! With a two-bedroom floor plan option, you can easily have a spare room, craft room, man cave, office, or any other possibility!
  5. 5. Consider a senior move manager. These experts will be able to help guide you through the process.

Uncover Extraordinary Living

Does downsizing seem like it may be in you or a loved one’s future? We’d love to support you on your journey. Visit our website or contact us today.