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New Ways To Celebrate the Holidays in Your Senior Living Community

senior couple decorating their christmas tree

The holiday season is all about joy and gratitude. It’s a wonderful time of the year spent with loved ones while carrying on family traditions and looking forward to a fresh start in the months ahead.

Sometimes, that fresh start comes with a change of address. When older adults move to a retirement community, holiday traditions may look a bit different from times past, but they can be every bit as delightful. At Lake Forest Place, we’re here to reassure you that even though you’ll be downsizing to a smaller space, the celebrations will still be grand and met with much less hassle.

Learn more about the general benefits of downsizing to a senior living community and how to adapt festivities to your new environment below. 

The benefits of downsizing to senior living

Downsizing to a smaller home in senior living may seem like a challenge, but it’s actually quite freeing. Here are just a few ways you can benefit from the process and still celebrate the holidays like a pro:


  • No more home maintenance.

At our senior living community, all home maintenance is taken care of for you, which means no additional fees for home repairs, utilities, or housekeeping. This allows you to be able to spend more time enjoying each day and every celebration.

  • Less stuff.

Downsizing is the perfect time to eliminate clutter and keep objects that have sentimental value instead.

  • True, worry-free living.

With every service and amenity and different levels of senior care – including assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing – provided in one convenient location, the end result of downsizing will be worth the move.

Now that you understand the major benefits of downsizing, you and your family members can feel more confident in your move to a senior living community.

Four ways to celebrate the holidays at a senior living community


  • Participate in community events.
    The holidays are made accessible for every resident at a senior living community, so there’s no excuse not to mingle with neighbors at themed community events.
  • Decorate your residence.

Staff can help you hang ornaments and string lights so that you’ll feel the holiday spirit just as you always have.

  • Invite family and friends.

Having loved ones come to you keeps the memories and traditions of the holiday season alive. You can even coordinate with the community to provide food, drinks, and decorations.

  • Respect every holiday.

At a senior living community, you’ll meet people from all walks of life and faiths. Learn how they celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or another holiday, and open your mind and heart to something new.

How seniors celebrate the holidays at Lake Forest Place

At Lake Forest Place, residents are extraordinary people experiencing an extraordinary lifestyle. Whether they’re residing in our independent living community or our memory care or assisted living communities, the holidays are celebrated with a true family feel and loads of fun.

Some ways in which our community makes the most out of the holiday season include:

  • Organizing hands-on holiday crafts
  • Serving favorite holiday dishes
  • Singing Christmas carols
  • Showing classic Christmas movies
  • Assisting residents who want to host their own individual holiday parties with family and friends, whether in their residence or the communal party room

No holiday celebration at Lake Forest is limited, thanks to the jolly nature of staff and residents.

Find joy and peace in Lake Forest, Illinois

Seniors at Lake Forest Place experience quality living all year-round. Our Life Plan Community provides exceptional amenities, wellness programs, levels of care, and events that bring happiness to every individual. We don’t just celebrate holidays – we celebrate every day.